Ultimate Abs Stimulator
Ultimate Abs Stimulator

Ultimate Abs Stimulator – Product description (from producer)

Ultimate Abs Stimulator is new technology made of high-quality material, you can build a strong body shape without even lifting a finger under its help. This training gear is secure and very efficient. Build muscle and relaxes stiff muscle through the skin, there are recognized as clinically proven effective, non-medication methods of training muscle. Host and gel pad are separated, convenient to use while listening music, doing household chores, or even during business or casual trips.

Comments and reviews about UBS

“Old models were useful. This is really very useful. After a week of wearing this equipment on the belly you can see that it is tougher and the skin is a bit lighter”

“I like to wear it because it’s a nice feeling 😉 I used to buy a promotion when the product came on the market and it was a good purchase and I paid a lot but it was worth it. I love it”

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).

Ultimate Abs Stimulator technology

Adjustable intensity (15 levels), 3 main devices, 3 gel pads, user manual, protective sheet battery operated (AAA batteries not included, Frequency: 25Hz±10%.

Experts opinions from internet

The product has good technology. Use nail or small device to turn the battery cover. Insert batteries, connect the main device with the gel pad, press the middle button to turn on the main device. Auto turn off about 5 seconds later if you do not attach to body. This is a device worth trying, but keep in mind the minimum calorie diet.

Cheapest offer. Where to buy? Price

The product is sold over the internet.

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Price is in the range of:  $43-49


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