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Gate io – exchange platform review is a newly-launched Exchange Platform that offers trading in more than 20 digital coins. The website is available in English and Chinese languages, so we suppose it also targets Chinese crypto investors. Gate io is dedicated to security and your experience, offering you not only a secure, simple and fair Bitcoin exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and trading information. It is worth mentioning that the platform looks good and works well. We have 4 markets and a pleasant user panel.

  • Secured SSL Link;
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal for Cryptocurrencies;
  • Offline Bitcoin Wallet Technology;
  • Two factor authentication;
  • Low Fee. No fee for deposit. Low trading fee. Low withdrawal fee with optional withdrawal service

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Gate io payout panels, looks just like on other exchanges.

The withdrawal fee is deducted from the amount of asset you request to withdraw, not from the remaining balance. You can withdraw all the available balance in your account as long as the decimal places are supported.

We have 4 markets available: ETH, BTC, USDT, QTUM has applied the new tier system

As they inform, each tier has a BTC volume requirement. This BTC volume is calculated from user’s 30-day trading volume. The BTC volume requirment and the trading fee discounts are listed in the following table.

VIP0 No < 3 BTC
VIP1 5% Off ≥ 3 BTC
VIP2 10% Off ≥ 6 BTC
VIP3 15% Off ≥ 12 BTC
VIP4 20% Off ≥ 25 BTC
VIP5 25% Off ≥ 50 BTC
VIP6 30% Off ≥ 150 BTC
VIP7 35% Off ≥ 400 BTC
VIP8 40% Off ≥ 1000 BTC
VIP9 45% Off ≥ 2500 BTC
VIP10 50% off ≥ 5000 BTC

Fund password?

During registration, you must enter 2 passwords. The login password is the password to log in your account. Also, you may reset it by clicking. Forgot password? on the login screen with your email address linked to your account.

The fund password is the password for trading and withdrawing assets. You may reset it by clicking Settings tab on the top to access the settings page. Then click Change fund password on the left panel of the page to change it.

Please note, the fund password must be totally different from your login password.

Is better than other exchanges? It’s hard to say because it’s new. After all, all Exchanges seem perfect at the beginning. Time will show how the Echange will manage with high traffic, and whether there will still be low commissions there.

Other comments and reviews

We found some comments about this stock exchange. Look below:

“I am not using it yet myself as I have plenty of other options, however my top coin Centra listed on there a few weeks ago, and whilst the volumes are still light compared to other exchanges they see to be doing a decent volume agaisnt Tether.”

(bitcointalk, UAE Seasider)

“I have made deposits and withdraws without issues.
On the side of the exchange the processing time is fast. (take note transaction time depend of the network you are using, btc, eth, etc) Interface is clean and clear. I like the fact that there is a second password for any transaction.”

(cryptocompare, jfdelgad)

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