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Perfect skin after 12 days

  • ReducedWRINKLES
  • lifting of faceLIFTING

Revolution in REJUVENATION
Pure spring water, balanced composition and several proactive vegetative agents provide intensive anti-aging care and make your skin young again.
Innovative solutions in cosmetics
give a visible result within several days.

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Wonder Cells has a light texture. This makes it different among other products. Make yourself a present – luxurious delicate care that gently repairs the skin!

Thanks to a subtle floral scent, everyday life becomes a pleasant ritual.

Wonder Cells cream is perfect for all ages!
  • estrogen deficiency
    Estrogen makes our skin smooth, firm and even. The hormone level decreases with age.
  • Stress and nervousness
    Good and bad feelings leave little marks on the face and eventually they turn into wrinkles.
  • Lack of collagen
    Collagen gives our skin the ability to repair. Its lack leads to loss of facial tone and V-shape.
  • Environmental impact
    Harmful substances in the air and water clog skin pores and cause inflammation.

Wonder Cells ingredients 

avocado oil
Beta carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E found in avocado oil help to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and promote collagen metabolism.
hyaluronic acid
Can increase the moisture content better than anything else while revitalizing the outer layers of the skin, making it look smoother, smoother and, above all, radiant and feeling! It immediately improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Revitalizing extracts are made without the use of alcohol, alkaline substances and glycerine.

Due to the natural processing method, the cream has the highest possible content of health-promoting components. Nature itself gives Hydrofacer energy. Wonder Cells makes the skin healthy and firm, removes wrinkles and irregularities. Vitamins and minerals give the skin its natural radiance. Glowing healthy complexion through regular moisturizer.

Proactive substances remove wrinkles from the face and eye area. The skin becomes smooth, the face regains its natural V-shape.

Proactive substances and strong SPF filters protect the skin from harmful environmental influences. Wrinkles and tired complexions have no chance.

Reviews about this cream

“I did not have deep, but a lot of small facial wrinkles, and the complexion also needed improvements. Wrinkles have disappeared with Hydrofacer cream and the facial skin has become so fresh that I look like I’m under 30 years old.”

I bought Hydrofacer cream a long time ago and am already satisfied with the result – the face is streamlined, wrinkles are reduced. In addition, the pores narrowed. Now I admire myself in front of the mirror. Most importantly, the result will be visible after just two days.

After the age of 40, the skin is not as it used to be, and I did not think the cream would help. But Hydrofacer is really effective – the face looks fresher, the color is not so dark, wrinkles have disappeared. I am very happy.

From blogs

I call the “beauty in the can”. After a few weeks, Wonder Cells eliminated all my wrinkles, which even the most expensive brands never did. With this cream, I began to like what I saw in the mirror in the morning: an absolutely brilliant and hydrated skin with a fresh complexion and a delicate floral scent.

Estrogen makes our skin smooth, firm and even. The hormone level decreases with age.

I would also like to talk about consistency. It is very light and fluffy, melts on the skin, is absorbed in no time and leaves no marks, but wonderful silky, smooth feeling. You just do not need anything else.

Second, the lip balm. The lip skin is extremely thin and sensitive, it is prone to cracking and exfoliation. Of course, you could just use Labello, but my latest discovery is Kiehl’s lip balm (for kids!) It smoothes the skin, repairs it, and prevents it from cracking. You also have to consider the powerful sun block factor of this.

Third, the perfume. In summer, intense and heavy scents will cause headaches for you and the people around you. For me, nothing is better than the new Chanel Chance: It’s crazy grapefruit perfume, which immediately makes the happy mood. It looks like a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

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If your day is not limited to a single meeting and coffee in front of the computer, you should have Bobbi Brown’s Highlighter in your purse. The more the skin shines, the better.

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