MitoQ is a supplement that will reduce the number of heart patients by several percent. The substance rejuvenates the blood, so it can reverse the aging process of blood cells. Thanks to this, the condition of the entire circulatory system is improved. MitoQ is the world’s first antioxidant that can penetrate cell membranes and act directly in mitochondria, power plants that provide energy cells with proper performance and protect against free radicals.

MitoQ for youth and health

With age, our arteries become stiffer and lose their ability to expand, which increases blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease. This risk increases significantly after reaching 40 years and expeditionally after the age of 60. Mitoq repairs damages caused by free radicals in the blood. Studies carried out on people aged 6-79 confirmed that after giving them substance their blood vessels widened by 42 percent. They looked like people 15-20 years younger.

The scientists from Colorado are working on the chemically improved version of the preparation. In a landmark study published in Hypertension, scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder found that only six weeks of taking daily doses of MitoQ had significantly improved the vascular functions of healthy older adults (aged 60-79).

This discovery may be a real revolution, which will reduce the number of heart patients by several percent – say the researchers. A 42% improvement in arterial dilatation was observed after six weeks, so it was higher than what is usually achieved after three months of a weight loss program based on caloric restriction (30%) and almost equal improvement after three months of regular aerobic exercise (50%).

Perfect for aging?

The results of this groundbreaking anti-aging study are in line with what customers and physicians have reported about the benefits of MitoQ, “said Greg Macpherson, general manager of Antipodean Pharmaceuticals.

“With age, people are more likely to have cardiovascular problems that can result from poor diets and lack of exercise. MitoQ is a very promising complementary or alternative heart health strategy for maintaining flexible arteries and reducing cardiovascular problems. “

Unfortunately, oral antioxidant supplements such as vitamin C and vitamin E fell out of favor after research showed that they are ineffective.

“This study breathes new life into a discredited theory that dietary supplementation with antioxidants can improve health,” said the senior author Dr. Doug Seals, also from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

What is Mitoq?

MitoQ is an antioxidant similar to CoQ10, which is attracted to free radicals: mitochondria. Unlike most other antioxidants, it can concentrate hundreds of times in the mitochondria. MitoQ was discovered by scientists from New Zealand who are looking for a cure for conditions associated with high oxidative stress – such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and liver disease. Over the past decade, over 180 articles have been published in renowned medical journals on the impact of MitoQ on a range of diseases and conditions.

Although CoQ10 is a mitochondrial antioxidant, the body does not absorb it. When used as a supplement, it does not reach the mitochondria. MitoQ solves these problems, although it is not as strong as CoQ10.

What gives Mitoq:

  • raises the level of glutathione and prevents damage to DNA from free radicals in human cells;
  • is 800 times more potent than ibedenone (another CoQ10 analogue) in the prevention of cell death from free radicals;
  • reduces inflammation in patients with hepatitis C;
  • prevents damage to mitochondrial DNA from UV radiation better than resveratrol;
  • prevents heart failure caused by cocaine or chemotherapy, reducing free radicals;
  • prevents inflammation caused by low oxygen levels by reducing free radicals;
  • slows the progression of the disease, reduces inflammation and saves spinal cord neurons.

Where to buy a supplement with Mitoq?

There are currently several distributors of supplements containing Mitoq. If such products appear on offer, we will write about it immediately. The price at the distributor varies between USD 20 and USD 50.