Maze game with Panda, Cat and Zombies


“Magic Panda & Cat Hero vs Zombies” is a classic labyrinth puzzle game for girls, boys and adults with funny situations and many surprises. Just move your finger and guide the cat through the (rather easy) labyrinth to find a way out and take a taxi that will take you to the Kingdom of Panda. Panda is the king of the whole continent, and now he has been trapped by evil zombies! The road will be long, but interesting!

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Magic Panda, Hero Cat and Zombie

These funny characters guarantee a lot of entertainment. The gate to Pandy Castle is a long, magical journey through the desert, forest and ocean. In the mazes, you have to watch out for different zombies and angry animals that want to kill you. But you are an amazing cat, you are a real hero and you can use your skills to kill hostile creatures, especially the evil Zombies.

The cat must rest and eat up to travel across the continent

Game rules

On the map you choose the level available, click it and you are in the maze. You have to get to the taxi quickly because it will not wait forever. You will need gold and endurance points. To this end, you can buy upgrades that will speed up the journey in the maze. Improvements are not expensive and you’ll quickly buy fish or vitamins.

What distinguishes this game?

Colorful, amazing 2D graphics make you feel like in a classic retro maze, and new programming solutions give freshness to these adventures. And of course all this for free.

This is the best free game in the maze on Android with many hand-made levels from many designers who increased the level of difficulty as you progress. Move carefully and guide the cat through the maze and try to get the best time, but watch out for Zombie. In this maze, you do not just walk. You need to collect diamonds to buy upgrades. During the trip you will meet pets, people and evil zombies!

It’s a game for people who like animals and have fun

Maze for phone with Android is the beast deal!

Simple and addictive games are the best boon of Android. You can experience many adventures completely free on every phone! If you are a child, this game is perfect for you. You will not be bored, because in addition to looking for a way you can improve your character. When traveling, collect diamonds because you will need money. To protect a panda, you must be a hero, and sometimes it costs a lot …


  • Easy to play, smart control with your finger !;
  • 5 shoes to buy;
  • Easy mazes for children and difficult mazes for adults;
  • Minimal retro 2D graphics, forget about complicated 3D mazes;
  • Tips for beginners;
  • Offline game without wifi.


Magic Panda & Cat Hero does not require special permissions during installation. You can play without limits and your data is not downloaded. The game is safe for people of all ages, for girls and boys. The app has a small size, quickly adapts and works quickly. The game has passed tests and is safe for the whole family!

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