Articles generator, products descriptions for the store, SEO texts

I think everyone would like to be able to quickly generate texts on the website. Available generators and mixers do not always fulfill their role, because their articles are sometimes incompatible with SEO or are unattractive to the reader. Below are a few words about the automatic descriptive generator for shops or advertising texts, which are useful for the recipient and perfectly position selected products.

Is there an automatic content generator for the website?

Until now, it was difficult to have a good text generator, which you could (without fear) insert into your website. Indeed, the quality of these contents, which were often unreadable for reading, was an important problem, despite the fact that they perfectly met the requirements of SEO.

So today is the best article generator that works perfectly in the online store or on any website that publishes information about products.

“So YES, there is a good automatic content generator that meets the requirements of even picky editors.”

Does this program really create good articles?

The program creates very good advertising articles that are suitable for reading by a living person. This means that they are not content generated for the search engine robots. Of course, the robot scanning the website will also like it (here more about robots), but the most important thing here is a man who does not realize that he reads the material generated by the computer program.

The content created in the SeoTek software is very well optimized for search engines and at the same time provides basic information for the recipient of the content.

articles generator products
The text generator will be a good tool if it requires the user to provide basic information about the content being created. Then the obtained content will be natural and attractive for the reader.

Are these texts unique, unkept from a different website?

Yes, the program creates completely unique content, especially descriptions to stores and marketing texts. The articles created are of high quality and do not come from other websites. All content is completely original, because the program uses its own linguistic resources and adjusts them to the parameters set by the generator user.

Software for creating articles that gives advice!

The described program works differently than the known mixers of seo texts, because the database of words is not taken from the synonym dictionaries. So far, all generators have taken words and phrases from the dictionary. As a result, the generated text was unnatural and not presented to the reader. Yes, it met all the positioning guidelines, but that’s where its usefulness ended.

This time it is different, because the database of synonyms has been chosen by a man and has been adapted to the type of product you want to write about. Thus, the human factor was crucial when working on this program, and the result is texts that can be placed on your web portal without any fear.

What is this text generator suitable for?

This generator is best suited for creating marketing texts. Within a few seconds you will generate a text that praises the product. It is an ideal tool for creating product descriptions for an online store or a page with descriptions of goods.

“The texts are subtle recommendations, so they can be associated with any type of product.”

How are these texts created?

Texts are generated automatically based on four parameters defined by the program user. Thanks to this the text is a completely individual creation and it is impossible to generate it by another person. Even if someone gave the same four parameters, they do not get even a bit of similar text, because the remaining content is created on the basis of several hundred different synonyms.

So it looks like the user enters the name of the product, its type and two data related to the usability of the product. Now the system adapts to the information obtained and generates a unique article. Each time you click on the “generate” icon, a new text is created based on the previously entered information. Each time the content is automatically generated, other synonyms are selected.

Is it safe, Google recognizes such practices?

Of course it is safe because it is not a text mixer. The program has nothing to do with mixing synonyms. Obtained product descriptions are obtained on the basis of four data and not created entirely automatically. Automatic, however, is to adjust the returns to the type of product.

This means that all content is generated by the user who provides basic information about a given product. Thus, in this case it is impossible to create articles without engaging the generator user. This works in the same way as generating auction descriptions on Allegro or creating business cards. Search engines do not punish such practices, because they are not content devoid of user’s creativity.

Descriptions to the store, SEO texts and Allegro?

As mentioned above, the content created has a wide application. The finished text can be pasted on:

  • blog about products;
  • on eBay, Amazon;
  • to the online store.

Thanks to the SeoTek generator, you can quickly get a large amount of advertising texts that look good on Amazon, online store and any blog. The texts have the form of short articles that are very neutral and do not interfere with the intended use of the product described.

Articles or short marketing forms

The program creates content with the length of 160 to 200 words. So we’ll get a text about 1000 characters long. They are not, therefore, articles, but they are also not short marketing notes. So if someone cares about creating a long article, then after generating the text, he should additionally expand it.

If you need to get a note, the program works great because it gives you much more than just a brief mention. An extensive description of the product is obtained, which can be shortened or divided into two separate ones. Below are the advantages of the above tool:

  • creates completely unique texts;
  • the tests are suitable for reading;
  • the content complies with the principles of SEO;
  • the order of the paragraphs is drawn;
  • about 12,000 combinations can be obtained from the entered data;
  • we provide only four information about the product;
  • you can generate about 10,000 texts in one day.